Black NA-FC1 PWM Fan Controller

Black NA-FC1 PWM Fan Controller

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Manufacturer: Noctua. The NA-FC1 is a compact, highly flexible controller for 4-pin PWM fans that can both work on its own for manual speed reduction and also work in tandem with the automatic motherboard fan control. By adjusting the NA-FC1s speed control dial, users can either manually set a PWM duty cycle from 0 to 100 percent or reduce the PWM duty cycle supplied by PC motherboards in order to have the fans running slower than the automatic motherboard fan control would allow. While the brightness of the orange status LED provides visual feedback on the current dial setting, the push button allows the NA-FC1 to be switched into no stop mode, which prevents the fan from falling below a speed of 300rpm. Thanks to the supplied 3-way split cable and power supply adaptor, up to 3 fans can be controlled simultaneously.


* Connector: 4-Pin.
* Voltage Range: 5-12V.
* Colour: black.
* Size: 21 x 25 x 48 mm.
* Weight: 15g.
* Fan compatibility: All Noctua 12V PWM and 5V PWM fans, many third party PWM fans.
* Warranty: 6 years.

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