GM1010 Digital Lux Meter - Advanced PC and Simulations

GM1010 Digital Lux Meter

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Manufacturer: Benetech. Benetech are a renowned manufacturer of convenient testing and measurement tools such as infrared thermometers, anemometers, sound level meters and ultrasonic thickness gauges. A strict quality control system coupled with a rigorous product inspection, ensures there is a Benetech tool to meet your every requirement!


* Manufacturers part code: GM1010.
* Measuring range: 0Lux to 200,000Lux/0Fc to 185,806Fc.
* LUX/FC unit selection function.
* Automatic measurement function.
* Max/Min measurements.
* After 5 minute auto power off.
* Low battery indication.
* Power supply: 9V battery (included).