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Buying an new RTX30XX series - Advanced PC and Simulations

where to start on this one... a massive step forward specs wise on graphics processing, Mid Covid, Limited supplies, No founders additions coming to Australia, Do i need a 3090.

Just last night we started adding the products to our website but you cant see them yet because the stock doesn't exist. i know some companies are offering pre orders but for now this doesnt sit right for us after months of watching delivery dates being repeatedly extended.

Now... Do you need one?

Well yes and no but that's like everything with the launch of the new playstation and Xbox along with games like cyberpunk and Flight simulator 2020 the requirements for your PC are going up fast and the 30 series cards are aimed at this. but i cant help but wonder what the next AMD cards will be like also. The bar has been set now were they working on something as good or even better?

On the upside though the pricing is not as bad as i expected.. it could have been better but it could have been worse. We are going to start looking at these cards a little more once we physically have them in the wild and a few more start popping up but for now honestly there is few games that will benefit from it so don't sell your first born just yet unless you are really in need of being in the first run of people with them. 

we will update this with more info soon. 



www, if you have any questions 


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