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chatting about games while one updates..

I suck at finishing games.. I mostly play racing sims and FPS stuff and i rarely finish the story modes ill get to a bit that annoys me and ill never return. I still haven't finished last of us 2 and i absolutely love the game but it got to a obvious break point and the game had been so full on i thought i could use the gap. in that time i played and finished Far Cry 5 though which i honestly enjoyed the game is really well done its not an all time greatest or anything but it is solid and good fun. i have issues with bits but its good and i would encourage anyone to play it. I then instantly started new dawn and it hasnt sucked me in the same way. visually its looks good but for some reason maybe its the slight gui tweaks and little details making it feel like they brought in the B team and said just carry on from here or maybe its because the end of 5 annoyed me... The bomb went off i had a gun why couldnt i just shoot the dude in the head and then escape to the bunker... next how the hell did he beat me there?


anyway back to my point .. 

so i may or may not keep going with new dawn we will see. I will finish last of us. soon i think that's a definite. i wanted to keep playing red dead 2 but i had to delete it ... so now will i ever go back to it? who knows. 

and i just looked at my steam library and realised i have still never played scum which i bought new... so i think ill give that a go today.

see the thing is i am simply hanging out for cyberpunk2077 ill sink my spare time into that the way i did when gta 5 came out  

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