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Iracing is big business.

For many of us Iracing has always been big business. Thats nothing new at all and if you are paying their fees and buying cars and tracks then you know exactly what i am talking about. But now.. now its in the public eye there for all to see. its broadcast on fox sport.. Its commentated by pros. hundreds of thousands of people each day are watching the supercars, Nascar, Indycar and on another less suitable platform F1.... ill come back to the F1.

Lets start with indycar and nascar. this is really impressive and the quality of driving has been really great. the commentary is as it normally would be and there is different races at different levels running all the time. This isnt new though for nascar. Groups like ANZCAR in Australia have been running multiple races a week in different classes though Iracing for years and thousands of other similar groups are doing the same all around the world. 

Australian Supercars.. Look... I love it. I will keep watching it. But these 8 lap races 3 and 4 races a night need to stop... you want to get the drivers more committed then why not 2 x 20 lap races. let them get into the grove with these cars. It takes 2 laps of bathurst to get the car to feel good and be fast with the current tyre model... that leaves 6 laps of genuine racing after the carnage ends... throw a mandatory pit stop in and you have 4 laps of good racing.. also a long race lets everyone calm a bit.. you dont need to make 6 spots by turn one on a longer race if you have 10 laps before you pit. Next.... Turn off the Iracing penalties maybe ? you have a driving standards person why do you need the standard penalties running. the quality of racing from half the grid is awesome. the other half is obviously not comfortable in a sim but it is improving a lot. I genuinely hope that some of these guys decided to keep racing online after this is done... some of them have spent a lot of money on rigs would be good to see them keep it up. I would love to get hold of Kostecki's car set ups for these races though... he seems to get them spot on.

Now to F1. I understand they had to use the F1 game. its the only sim with the right teams. its part of the franchise etc etc. and in many ways its a good game. With all assists etc off its actually a lot of fun. My issue is very few top drivers bothered to be apart of it and the damn corner the damage turned down or something? whats going on with cutting across the grass to make a pass etc and there is no consequences....this could be done better. If it was done better the sales of F1 games would go nuts.

Thats just my thoughts though.

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