PLEASE BE AWARE.... If you are buying graphics cards contact us through the message us or contact us link and some one will be in touch asap to confirm availability of the card you are after. Most of these items are in stock with suppliers not in our warehouse and the stock quantities are not always up to date or accurate. Please contact us to check prior to purchasing Graphics Cards

Modern sim racing due to the virus...

its insane the massive uptake in computer hardware and music equipment since the the begin of lock downs. its hard to even put into words, we work on both sides here gaming and PC equipment etc along with live sound and installation AV works. All the live work has died, Install work very close behind but music instruments has taken off... sadly not something we sell here. The other things though that have gone crazy is video conferencing and sim racing.

On video conferencing the softcodec VC market is a big thing on our side of the business but we cant even buy a web cam. every all in one webcam and sound bar has sold out Australia wide.

Sim racing equipment is close behind. stock has gone up in price and the availability has dropped off more then i could ever imagine.

some gear currently has a wait time of 65 days in case you are wondering why so much stuff is missing off our site..

Lucky for us we are a small business with other work to keep us going meaning we will be here long after this Virus has finished up.



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