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Watch "MissKat007" Build her first PC

Advanced PC and Simulations had the opportunity to help Kat build her first custom PC live on twitch.

So the time came for Kat to build a new PC something suitable for twitch streaming and casual gaming. and had to be worthy of building on stream with some help from friends. 

The Build consisted of:

Fracture Meshify S2 Blackout case

Corsair RM750X v2 PSU

Asus Prime X570 MA4 motherboard

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

32GB Corsair 3200 RGB Ram

Cougar Helor 360 RGB AIO cooler

kingston SA2000M8/1000G 1TB M.2 SSD

WD 4TB Black HDD

Gigabyte N208SWF3-OC-8GD RTZ2080 Super

You can check out the stream yourself to see the process of building your first PC from scratch. Check out all of her gaming streams playing street fighter and modding her controllers. 

if you decide you dont want to build your own PC get in touch Advanced PC and Simulations does a great rate on PC builds from basic through to full custom themed PC's to suit your tastes.

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